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super 8. 

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 A comfy space for single snaps on digital and 35mm.

How-tos, featured photos, portraits, and miscellaneous musings.

work-in-progress 2022.

 jacqueline barkla. 

Thank you for visiting my little world. I'm a professional  photographer + digital retoucher from Australia, enjoying quiet candid moments of nature, people, and light.

With over 12 years in the industry, I am currently Head Retoucher for some of the coolest cats in Syd-city and a neat little local duo from my hometown of Melbourne. 

This cozy space is dedicated to my personal photography (DSLR + 35mm film) and my appreciation for nature, creative daydreaming, and visual storytelling. 

I endeavour to live a mindful and minimal life, when I'm not lost in my retouching world, you'll find me on the piano, wandering around with a camera, or indulging my curious nature with back-to-back podcasts, books, and documentaries.

“If you see beauty in something, don’t wait for others to agree.”

― Sherihan Gamal

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